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Contractual staffing solution

contract staffing service

Global spending on IT and Non-IT is expected to exceed $1.3 trillion this year. IT and Non-IT Companies large and small face ever expanding technical demands, and they need expert help to keep up and stay ahead.

JOB 360 Degree temporary staffing is a great solution for those IT & Non IT companies who need a flexible workforce. If your operations are seasonal or you take on short-term projects on a regular basis, temporary staffing can allow you to operate at peak efficiency regardless of your workload.
JOB 360 Degree maintains a deep roster of potential temporary employees who are pre-screened and ready to begin work on short notice. This allows you to scale your staff number up when you need it without having unnecessary personnel costs when things slow down.
Many companies have spent dozens of hours screening, interviewing, and training a new employee, only to find that they’re not the right fit for the company once they’re hired. This can lead to problems throughout your company as lack of productivity and poor morale build.
JOB 360 Degree’s contracting solution services allow you to avoid the hassle associated with finding and screening a candidate, and also gives you a probationary period so that you can be sure your new employee is the right fit for your team. During this contract period, JOB 360 Degree handles payroll for you, so that you only have to complete internal on boarding processes when you’re sure you’ve found a perfect fit.
JOB 360 Degree work with clients who deal in speed and volume, and we know how to deliver outstanding results. In fact, our clients have learned that we often exceed their expectations by producing highly qualified candidates. We find the right people at the right time, consistently delivering the speed, quality, and execution that will drive your Client’s success.

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